Safety can easily be achieved by choosing the right material. People often think it is cruel to lock your horse behind an electric fence. In fact that is one of the safest means of fencing because an electric fencer does not give out a harmful shock people can easily handleRead More →

Neutering or altering not only prevents reproduction but also inconvenience of the female cat coming into heat or calling. In the female cat this is called spaying. In the male the operation, castration, reduces the tendency to spray and also odor of the male cat’s urine. The operation has theRead More →

Heartworm symptoms in dogs can be difficult to spot. It is fairly easy to prevent but difficult to cure. It is only contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. It only takes one bite from a mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae for your dog to contract the disease.Read More →

Pets are just as likely to suffer ill side effects from “traditional” medicine as humans. When they are sick, you want to give them something that will help them heal and feel better, and sometimes traditional medicine’s side effects are worse than the ailment they are supposed to be treating.Read More →

There are a few signs that will tell you if your crab is actually going to molt. First off- Digging. This will be a sign if the temperature and moisture in your aquarium is fine. If it’s too hot or too cold, the crab might be digging to avoid theRead More →

A lot has changed for the English bulldog puppy throughout its history. These dogs, believe it or not, used to be bred to fight bulls! Their strong and aggressive nature made them the perfect choice for “bull baiting,” though the bulldogs of the eighteenth century were probably larger than theRead More →