The aging method used in this book is from vaginal birth, NOT from the time that they emerge from the pouch. The reason for this is that each Sugar Glider can emerge at different times and therefore is not a reliable source of age measurements. The following table related toRead More →

When it comes to emergencies, humans are not the only form of life that needs to be protected. While it is important to ensure that we all have emergency survival kits, it is also important to create pet survival kits if you own an animal. Our pets bring many thingsRead More →

Does it seem as if your dog is walking you instead of you walking your dog? For many this is a common feeling. Dogs can get rambunctious and get overwhelmed when first experiencing the walk. It takes more than one training session before your dog is comfortable walking. You’ll learnRead More →

In the wild Land Hermit Crabs are scavengers, so they will eat basically anything. The best food for your hermit crab is specially formulated food sold by retailers. The Land Hermit crab food contains animal and vegetable substances, and an addition of vitamins and minerals. Although, there is this formulatedRead More →