Birds and Birdhouses – The Rustic Birdhouses

Birds that nest in tree cavities will also nest in wood birdhouses. Birdhouses protect birds and coupled with some well-stocked feeders, they will find safety and security in the comforts of your backyard/garden. In return, they will bring your yard/garden to life with flashes of color, wonderful bird songs as well as some occasional comical amusement.

Birdhouses available today do not offer the inexpensive, streamlined and symmetrical design in the sense that many parts are needed and each component requiring a sizeable amount of workmanship hours to finish. Wood is a great material for building a birdhouse because firstly, it has good insulation against the hot sun in mid day and second, it is quite weather proof and hardy. The most beautiful birdhouses are the rustic time, normally called rustic birdhouses or rustic cabin birdhouses.

The rustic birdhouses or rustic cabin birdhouses, can have many shapes and colors, and they’re the best choice for bring life to your garden/backyard. Watch the birds build the nest, care for the eggs, care for and feed the young.

Colorful twigs from shrubs and trees dress up birdhouses in rustic style. Choose plants with contrasting bark color and gather small branches just prior to starting the project; freshly cut twigs are pliable and easy to cut. Copper sheeting provides a shiny roof. Stain the birdhouse before gluing on wood pieces or leave it unfinished to weather naturally. Rustic birdhouses are constructed to meet the suggested requirements of the Audubon Society and the U.S.Fish & Wildlife Dept. And many other functional and decorative birdhouses that are mass manufactured. Of course no landscape design is complete without the presence of bird baths or garden fountains.

This wooden rustic birdhouses are an ideal collectible, specially the ones made by the Old Order of Amish craftsmen. The rustic birdhouses are a perfect gift for your bird lover friend, who will be delighted and his feathered friends will have a great place to nest

Some of this birdhouses are Mounted with attached wooden hanger. Mounting paddle allows an easy hanging. The rear cleaning door is perfect for drainage and ventilation.

In conclusion rustic birdhouses protect birds and coupled with some well-stocked feeders, they will find safety and security in the comforts of your garden/backyard, and in return, you’ll gain the beauties of having the nature near your door.

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