Birds Make Great Pets But I Long For Wild Birds

Article updated July 2012.

About three or four years ago, I came here to this space to write about a few favorite topics. And at that time, it had been such a long time since I got to experience seeing wild birds, up close. So, here goes the article along with the update:

It seems like forever since I have heard the sweet voice of a bird. Yes, I have heard it on television and on radio but it has been much longer since I heard the real voice, the real singing of a beautiful bird in real life. So, I wonder, why. I wonder why I am missing this awesome event when it is something that my heart longs for.

I am not fussy; I do not need to choose the bird or the time or the place. I am willing to settle for the song or voice of any bird at all, providing I could hear it this week. Now all of you who live in the country are thinking that I am being silly or perhaps you are wondering why I have not heard this sound in such a long time. Thing is, I have just been busy. And I never thought that I could be so busy that I would miss birds.

What brought this to my attention was a show on Channel 13, that was about our troops. I watched a show called Carrier, that was about an aircraft carrier and after or before that show, I watched a show about the submarines and what happens when our people are in the subs for great periods of time. Somewhere after or before the show there was a medley of people, one after another saying what they missed. And so many of course said that they missed their family, their children. Some just missed beer or relationships and dating. One of the soldiers really struck a chord when he stood still, and said, I miss birds. Wow, imagine a sailor missing birds. I am guessing that was a person who lived in the submarine for a long time.

So what do you miss? Do you miss birds? Some of my most favorite birds are those which are not quite so popular with most people. Starlings are pretty high on that list. And crows are up at the top of the list too. For me, a bird is a bird is a bird is a bird. The type of bird or color of a bird or even the personality of a bird really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that I focus on that beautiful being with wings. What’s your favorite bird?

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