Neutering or altering not only prevents reproduction but also inconvenience of the female cat coming into heat or calling. In the female cat this is called spaying. In the male the operation, castration, reduces the tendency to spray and also odor of the male cat’s urine. The operation has theRead More →

When the end comes, it can be rapid, as though a clockwork motor has run down. Very old cats settle into a routine which reflects their capabilities. It seems important for a cat to maintain its dignity to a degree greater, even, than that of many other animals. This canRead More →

How can you put a stop to your cats or cats from scratching the furniture? The sofa, chairs, curtains etc. First we should understand why our feline friends are always scratching the furniture. Why Do Cats Scratch Furniture? Well, scratching is a very normal activity of cats – very similarRead More →

Whether you like to see the product before you buy it or you want your purchase shipped to your door, the decision to shop online or locally is up to you. However, online shops are evolving into the first choice for many shoppers. Thanks to their many benefits and expandingRead More →

You can find cats as pets in millions of houses around the world. They are by far one of the most common pets that can be found in a home. Most of the time these creatures are very loving. Sometimes not. Sometimes a family member, neighbor or friend will feelRead More →