Heartworm symptoms in dogs can be difficult to spot. It is fairly easy to prevent but difficult to cure. It is only contracted through the bite of an infected mosquito. It only takes one bite from a mosquito infected with the heartworm larvae for your dog to contract the disease.Read More →

A lot has changed for the English bulldog puppy throughout its history. These dogs, believe it or not, used to be bred to fight bulls! Their strong and aggressive nature made them the perfect choice for “bull baiting,” though the bulldogs of the eighteenth century were probably larger than theRead More →

Crate training is a very safe and effective way of keeping your dog out of trouble while you are not around and it helps with potty training as well. Whether you have a puppy with little control of bowels and bladder or an adult dog who needs some potty trainingRead More →

We’ve all heard the claims: if your dog eats chocolate, you might as well start planning the little guy’s funeral, because he or she’s a goner. From an early age, we are told that feeding Fido chocolate will result in him taking a one-way trip to Doggy Heaven. If popularRead More →

Dogs like people get cold for a number of reasons. Older dogs are less active and may have poor circulation. Small dogs have very little body mass. And some dogs just don’t have heavy coats of fur. So, instead of “cranking” up the heat, you might try dressing up yourRead More →