Are you looking for a great pet for your kids? While the traditional cat or dog can both be great pets for kids, you may be looking for something a bit more exotic or unusual. In this case, you will be happy to know that there are many other typesRead More →

There are a few signs that will tell you if your crab is actually going to molt. First off- Digging. This will be a sign if the temperature and moisture in your aquarium is fine. If it’s too hot or too cold, the crab might be digging to avoid theRead More →

Just before you put the money on the counter for your new best friend – sugar glider – be sure that you already have found a veterinarian that will be able to take care of your sugar glider if something goes wrong. The best thing is to ask other SugarRead More →

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You need to keep your Sugar Gliders cage area clean for the both of you. Numerous things cause odors that you may smell, and the most common is from the break down of urine & feces. When the fecal matter breaks down, ammonia is created. Another odor is caused byRead More →

The aging method used in this book is from vaginal birth, NOT from the time that they emerge from the pouch. The reason for this is that each Sugar Glider can emerge at different times and therefore is not a reliable source of age measurements. The following table related toRead More →

In the wild Land Hermit Crabs are scavengers, so they will eat basically anything. The best food for your hermit crab is specially formulated food sold by retailers. The Land Hermit crab food contains animal and vegetable substances, and an addition of vitamins and minerals. Although, there is this formulatedRead More →

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