With the world going after everything automatic, even fishes want to have their utilities to be automatic! And seriously enough, why should the fishes be left behind? The Problem with Manual Feeding You can’t really give the same amount of feed every time. Feeding fishes manually has this drawback whereRead More →

Goldfish are very much loved and adored by pet lovers and they are natural choice as pets for many people. Although you may wonder about the advantages of owning a goldfish because as a pet they will not communicate with you directly or will not run or walk with meRead More →

Goldfish are well loved throughout the world and you will find them in the aquarium of most people. They are of moderate breed and are found in cool of Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. But the goldfish that you will be buying for your fish tank are bredRead More →

High levels of nitrate commonly occur in existing fish tanks that have not undergone regular maintenance and routine water changes. These high nitrate levels need to be solved urgently as they will prove toxic to the fish and even increase the formation of algae. Aquatic plants are the first formsRead More →

If you decide to put up a freshwater aquarium, the main thing to consider is the health of the inhabitants. Of course you also have to consider the type of materials you will use. Choosing the appropriate materials is essential to a good start. Other equipment and supplies needed forRead More →