Safety can easily be achieved by choosing the right material. People often think it is cruel to lock your horse behind an electric fence. In fact that is one of the safest means of fencing because an electric fencer does not give out a harmful shock people can easily handleRead More →

How often do you see a rider constantly tugging or pulling at their horse. This is like a nagging boss at work who is never happy with what you do. Like most nagging with humans, the same problems exist with horses, the more you nag the less likely you areRead More →

There is a method called inducement, and this means to use compassion and gentleness to gain the respect of your horse. Many trainers think that if you break the horse’s spirit, they will get the animal to do whatever they want. However, this is not the case, if you breakRead More →

In the world of animals, horses have one of the highest rates when it comes to developing joint disorders. This has made MSM for horses increasingly more popular. MSM is a safe sulfur compound found in all living tissue and helps to aid in rebuilding the cells that keep theRead More →