Beware – These Foods, Plants and Products Are Poisonous to Cats!

Here are some of the most common cat poisons that can be found in your home, garage and yard:

Household Foods: Chocolate (the darker the worse), coffee, colas, tea-caffeine products, Avocado, onions and garlic (raw, cooked, powder), grapes and raisins, Alcoholic beverages, Mushrooms, Rhubarb, macadamia nuts. Canned Tuna, dog food, raw liver use very sparingly.

Household Products: Liquid Pot Pourri, glow sticks and jewellery, Citrus Oil, Pine Oil, String, Xmas Tinsel, Mothballs, Bleach, Borate as well as all that indicate poisonous,

House And Outdoor Plants:All varieties of Lilies, Aloe Vera, Avocados, Potato, Tomato Plants, There is a hugh list so best to research carefully to see if you have any of these plants that are fatal or dangerous to your pet.

Human Medication: Venlafaxine-human antidepressant a.k.a.Effexor. Ataminiphen (Tylenol-1 tablet can be fatal), Amphetamines, Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including ibuprofen and aspirin. Diet and weight loss medications. Safe to keep all medication away from pets (and children).

Insecticides: Permethrin Insecticides designed for dogs. Never use dog flea and tick products on cats! Deet. Check all information before spraying any animal with Insecticide products designed for Humans or other specific animals.

Pesticides: Anticoagulant rodenticides or rat poisons (even indoor cats can kill small rodents/insects whom have been poisoned with these pesticides and made it inside to die).

Garage: Antifreeze (Ethylene Glycol) in bottle or leaking from a vehicle on to floor, driveway.

Electrical: Some Cats and Kittens will bite electrical cords, although this is more common with puppies.

PREVENTION: Many incidents of poisoning can be avoided if potentially poisonous products are kept in secure containers and in locked or secured cabinets. Cats are curious so if you are unsure about a product and the affects it may have on your pets-play it safe and put it away where they cannot reach. Your home, garage and yard have all kinds of “killer products”. Now that you are aware of some of these fatal products, please ensure that you are familiar with the signs that indicate your pet has been poison and the steps you should take while waiting for Vet attention.

Make sure to “safe proof” so that you protect the lives of the pets you love. They are depending on you to do so.

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