Five Things to Know Before You Buy Bengal Kittens

Everyone loves going out and picking out a new pet, all those cute little balls of fur with fangs are simply irresistible to anyone with a heart. But there are some things anyone looking for Bengal kittens need to know before they just go out and grab one to take home, otherwise your new pet may end up in a shelter or worse.

Breed Consideration- Is the Bengal breed right for you? They are a very unique animal, and are by far more than a life support system for a coat of many colors. Bengal kittens are a cat all their own, and you will want to spend time learning if they are right for you.

Space Requirement- Bengal cats need more space than the average cat due to their natural curiosity and activity level. You may find the oddball that likes to waste his day loafing around, but most will not enjoy that lifestyle and will require more than average space and environmental stimulation.

Current Pets- Bengals are natural hunters, and may not be the best pet for an avid aquarist who enjoys their three thousand dollar Discus fish habitat. Just saying, if it is a deal breaker that the cat has eaten “Tweety” one day, my may consider another kind of pet to share your home with.

Grooming Needs- Bengal cats, being of short hair, require much less grooming than say a Persian cat would, but that does not mean they are effortless to keep. They, like any other pet, will require bathing and flea treatment, as well as the occasional shed out of a winter or summer coat.

Activity Level- Bengals take way more exercise than the average cat does, and just their morning yoga routine will wear you out to watch it. They enjoy being walked, and should never be outside off a leash outdoors, or he will demonstrate that enjoyment on the nearby trees, and getting him to come back down could be problematic to say the least.

When you bring home a pet, it means forever, not just for as long as he is cute or convenient. Way too many people don’t look past the moment, into the future, when the little monster needs more than just kitten chow and a cuddle. Remember the list above when you are shopping for Bengal cats and kittens, and make sure you have the right home for this great breed.

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