Getting Bit by a Cat

You can find cats as pets in millions of houses around the world. They are by far one of the most common pets that can be found in a home. Most of the time these creatures are very loving. Sometimes not. Sometimes a family member, neighbor or friend will feel the wrath of an unhappy cat. You may even be bit while playing with your pet. Some bite harder than others. The real concern for people is when a cat bites you and draws blood.

When a animal bite draws blood you should be very concerned. This is especially true if it is not your cat. The big concern if you get bit by an pet that does not belong to you is if it has had all of its shots. Immediately, contracting rabies comes to mind. If the cat does not have a collar on it with the owners address or phone number, there is no way to know what kind of infection a cat bite can transfer to you.

If this happens to you, you will need to take a regiment of rabies shots. This pretty much goes for everywhere but the U.S. Veterinarians say that cats in the good old U.S.A. do not get infected by the rabies virus. However, they just may be carrying it.

You do not want to fool around if you are bitten by a strange cat. The rabies virus is lethal. It can also be very painful. You must take yourself to the nearest emergency room or your family doctor right away. Besides the Rabi virus, the cat may also be carrying other infections. Has the cat just got done eating spoiled fish out of someones trash? Has the cat just caught and killed a rat or mouse with its mouth? There are many things you could be infected with by a cat bite.

The regular procedure is to clean the bite thoroughly with soap and water. Apply a topical antibiotic and then take an antibiotic internally. This will help prevent or get rid of any infection. Getting to your family doctor or emergency room at the beginning is vital to your well being. The earlier something is caught, the better it can be treated.

If you are ever bit by a cat you do not know, check for tags that indicate the owners and if it has had all the proper shots. Clean the wound with soap and water. Apply a topical antibiotic. Take and antibiotic orally. Check back with the doctor to make sure everything is okay.

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