Good Cat Health is All About Focusing on Health Rather Than Disease

It’s a little understood secret that good cat health prevents worms, fleas, disease and allows rapid healing from any injury. Of course this holds true for everyone, not just cats. So what IS good cat health? Can you achieve this by the current way of thinking involving multiple vaccinations, drugs for fleas and worms and the cat food recommended by your veterinarian?

Judging by the chronic bad health that has become so common in cats today, it appears that there are some serious flaws with following this advise.

The health of anyone is totally dependent on their immune system. If this is in excellent order, then no illness will befall. A good immune system may permit a health problem, but not for long. Recovery will be quick.

Let”s look at some of the areas that make it most difficult for your cat to achieve this high level of health.

Cat food that reflects a cat’s evolutionary past is the most natural and the most easily digested and utilised. This promotes a healthy immunity. Despite claims to the contrary, there are few commercial cat foods that come anywhere close. Most actually cause illness, even death, but sadly, no-one researches this connection..

Vaccines are promoted as immune boosters, but in fact they suppress it. Vaccines contain poisonous substances such as mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and others. This is injected directly into the blood stream. Not only that, but it bypasses the body’s natural levels of immune boosting.

Other areas that affect your cat’s good health include environmental factors such as an unhappy family, insensitive treatment, lack of freedom, lack of access to sunshine, lack of protection from the elements and so forth.

By using a natural health care modality, such as homeopathy, you know you are boosting your cat’s immunity, because this is how it works. The other benefits of homeopathic treatment is that it can be very fast acting, has no side effects, no toxic load and it curative, rather than simply palliative. Good homeopathic treatment can unravel past problems. Translating this means the problem will disappear and the treatment can be stopped.

The combination of a natural diet and natural health care can make an enormous difference not only to the health and longevity of your cat, but also to the health of your wealth.

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