The Right Way to Leash Train Your Dog

Does it seem as if your dog is walking you instead of you walking your dog?

For many this is a common feeling. Dogs can get rambunctious and get overwhelmed when first experiencing the walk. It takes more than one training session before your dog is comfortable walking. You’ll learn the right way to train your dog to walk on a leash by reading the few tips below.

There is more than one way to train your dog. The method of training is your choice. I chose the method of side by side walking. This method is a lot simpler then any other method and only requires patience.

1. Make sure the dog is wearing a comfortable collar that is unlikely to cause any choking.

2. Start with a leash that is around 4 ft long. Leashes come in many sizes but the closer your dog is, the more control you have over its walking direction.

3. Begin training either around the house or in the backyard. This is to avoid any distractions that might overwhelm your canine.

4. Using treats and praises during the leash training helps tremendously.

5. Avoid allowing the canine to lead and pull.

6.Practicing over and over will help the pup understand how you want it to walk.

7. Come up with a command you want to use that will get your dogs attention such as “heel” or “slow”.

When doing any type of dog training it’s important to stay firm and calm at the same time. Dogs learn easier with repetitive training. Doing something over and over so that it becomes a habit is how your dog will learn to walk on a leash.

So the next time you go for a walk remember to keep your dog close and do not allow the dog to lead. When the dog starts leading just stop and wait for the dogs attention to only focus on you. After a while of having a lot of tension on its neck the dog will realize it needs to avoid pulling.

The earlier a dog becomes trained to walk on a leash the easier it is. I’m not saying older dogs can’t walk on a leash. I’m simply saying it is not as easy.

Each time you walk your dog keep the treats handy and the commands firm and you will have a leash trained dog in no time.

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