Iguana Pets – Some Basic Information About Pet Iguanas

So you want an iguana as a pet? Good for you! Just be sure that you know what goes into taking care of one. Iguana pets are very popular today and getting even more so each year. They are a reptile which means they require some extra care. Be sure that the iguana will fit into your lifestyle and your family budget. Look into what goes into owning an iguana.

Iguanas are considered the “pet to have” these days, kind of like a fad. This can be a good thing and a bad thing for Iguanas and their owners. For one thing the pet stores are not always so honest about what it takes to care for an iguana; they want to make a sale. To own an iguana means you have to have a habitat that they can live in, and they have a strict diet to follow. They can grow to be very large, and you have to prepare for that. They also must be tamed by you.

You should pick up some books, and read some Internet websites by Iguana pet owners and handlers so that you can learn how to properly care for your iguana. You also want to be sure that you are giving him all of the things that he needs and that you have any toys or things that he wants to play with. Know your animal that will make an easier transition for you both.

One worry that comes with iguana pets is salmonella. Salmonella is something that reptiles carry in their intestinal tract. It is not something that they pass on, but you need to use good hand washing after handling your iguana, and have a sanitary method to clean up his stools. You should use caution with young children, pregnant women, and people with compromised immune systems. The same precautions that you take should be followed by them.

You have to start training your iguana pets from the day you bring them home. You should handle them frequently, and gently. Be consistent in your handling if the iguana, as he has to become comfortable with you. Talk softly and pet your iguana. The first few days they come home with you, they might seem quite docile, but that is only because they are scared as any animal would be about being in a new place, as they become familiar with their surroundings they will become more aggressive. You can handle this by being calm, gentle, and consistent in your treatment of the iguana. You will come to know each other, and love each other, and find your iguana to be a great pet for you.

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