Raising Grass Feeding Cattle

Cattle which are fed in green pastures produce very good meat because of the natural nutrients they get from natural feeding. If your cattle are fed on grasses, you can accumulate more savings rather than buying those expensive chemical based feeds. Raising these kinds of cattle will help you save money and generate more revenues and income as well as quality and healthy meat which you can sell or consume for your family.

If you want to raise this type of cattle, you need to find a breed which thrives on grasses. It is easier for you to graze your cattle in a pasture if they are already introduced to green grasses.

You need to have a place where you can let your cow eat fresh grasses. It should be a place where your cows can eat sufficient amount of grass which they need for their growth.

Feds should only be given as a supplement if the grass will be in low supply during summer season. Give only antibiotics for cows which are sick. The use of growth hormones will not be helpful for your goal to have naturally grown cows.

Give your cattle cows plenty of clean water every day. A cow can drink up to 12 gallons of water a day. It is important to have a water tank for them to drink water anytime they want.

If you wish to have a lot of cattle which you want to be grass fed, you have to provide them with fresh grass. Growing your own hay will be a great help for you to continually feed your cows in the natural way. You need to grow grass the natural way as well for you to say that your cow is really naturally fed.

To make your own fertilizer you can use your cow’s manure as an ingredient. This will make your soil rich in minerals and your grass healthy which your cattle will thrive on.

Whether you raise cattle for hobby or for business, it is important to make your animal healthy especially if you want to produce quality and fresh products from them. There is no other way to make your cows healthier but to let them graze and eat fresh and organic grasses. If grasses are not available in your area, you can let your cows devour on organic feeds which are widely available in the market today.

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