Everything That You Need to Know About Your Favorite Goldfish

Goldfish are very beautiful to look at because of their vibrant color. They are available in various colors. The primary colors of today’s goldfish are:

Bronze: The goldfish having this color are very pretty to look and they also require special breeding.

Pink (albino): Pink or albino goldfish are also in great demand and they look very attractive. They also require selective breeding.

Wild goldfish: These species of goldfish quite common and easily available ones. Regarding their colors it should be interesting to note that they very slowly altered their color with growth. They lose the black pigments which were there after birth and they gradually assume a more ornamental color

The ornamental color types of goldfish can be mainly divided into two categories. They are:

Metallic group: The goldfish belonging to this group are generally red, yellow, brown, orange and black, blue. In some instances a combination of many of these colors are also found. Adding to all these, metallic goldfish also possess scales that reflect because of the guanine layer which is there in their skin. It makes their color look like shiny, polished metal.

Calico group: The goldfish which belong to this group have various types or designs in their skin but mostly of matt scales. This is so because they do not have the guanine layer present in their skin. They can also have nacreous scales if they have guanine layer partly present in the skin. The most common color associated with them is pink, blue as well as other colors like gray and violet. However the most perfect example of calico goldfish is considered to be the Shubunkin which has a color combination of red over blue.

The look and form of your goldfish

Goldfish is a popular and easily available pet. But that does not mean that it is an average looking fish species. It is one of the most stunning and beautifully decorated fish that you can lay your eyes on. They are not only available in different sizes but also in different enchanting colors. The most common kinds of goldfish present in and around you in terms of body type are:

Single-tailed: Singled tailed goldfish, true to their name, have a single and short tail. The body of this kind of gold fish is very slender as well as very hardy. Some popular goldfish which are part of the single tailed group are Comets, Commons and the Shubunkins.


Goldfish in this type also has a slender body but with split tail fins. So they are called double-tailed goldfish. This category of goldfish includes the Jikins and the Wakins and they generally come in colors such an s while, red and orange.

Dorsal fin goldfish with double tail: This is a very beautiful type of goldfish. These types of fish have an egg like body as well as long doubled or short tail fins. Moreover, they are hardy as well but are also considered to be more fancy type of goldfish. The most common types of this group of goldfish are the Pearlscales, the Orandas, the Fantails and the Ryukins, as well as the completely black Moors and the Telescopes.

Double Tailed with No Dorsal Fin goldfish: They are a type of goldfish who also posses and egg liked body but they do not have the dorsal fins. In place of that they possess a flowing fin.

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