How to Find the Right Goldfish For You

Goldfish are well loved throughout the world and you will find them in the aquarium of most people. They are of moderate breed and are found in cool of Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. But the goldfish that you will be buying for your fish tank are bred in captivity.

As soon as you have finalized that goldfish is your right kind of pet, you will have to search for and get the right type of goldfish. For this you should take your time and should not do anything in a hurry. So do not go out and buy the goldfish that you see in the first pet store on your way. Moreover, you will also have to decide how many fish you want. If you are thinking one getting only one then please reconsider your decision because your single fish may feel lonely and boring. So when you are buying your fish you must consider these things:

Select the Best pet shop

For selecting the best pet story you can ask your friends and relatives for suggestions. They may be able to tell you the whereabouts of the most reputed goldfish dealers in your city or town.

When you have found about goldfish dealers go to there shop and carefully examine the tanks. See if the tanks are over crowed or not. Also see if all kinds of fish living in one tank or the shop owner have taken care to keep them separately. Also see if there are any dead floating fish in any tank because it can spread infection.

Talk to Your Goldfish Dealer

Before buying your goldfish you must talk to your dealer and questions him about certain things. For example if he says that the fish are imported then ask him from which country they have come and also when. Also questions the dealer about the quarantine process of the fish. Moreover do not forget to ask the dealer if he or she has used salt in the water.

Carefully watch how the fish swims

This is one of the best ways to know if the fish are healthy or not. A healthy goldfish will be very active and will swim with ease. From all the fish in the dealer’s tank select those which are the most active and which do not tremble to one or which do not swim but only sits in a corner.

When you are purchasing goldfish, you will have to take them to your home in a plastic bag full of water. But while doing so you should be careful about a few things. First of all see whether the fish dealer has left adequate space on top of the bag for oxygen. Moreover check if there is enough water inside the bag. Furthermore, if your dealer wants to add any medicine in the water do not allow him or her to do so.

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