Horse Training – Does Your Horse Ever Argue With You?

All horse owners should learn how a horse trainer does water crossing training. If you’ve ever worked with your horse and he wouldn’t do something you ask of him…is there a way to get him to do it?


First thing you have to do is ask yourself if what you’re asking is too hard for him. Or, is he even capable of it? Is he ready for it? Many a horse owner ask a horse to do something that the horse can’t do, doesn’t know what to do, or simply isn’t ready for it.

For instance, you can’t ask a horse to go out and spin on his hindquarters if you haven’t taught him what it means to turn. And when he turns, he’ll learn it in increments and eventually get it.

Thus,…the horse isn’t “really” arguing with you. It’s more a case of knowing what to do or having the ability. The incredible thing about horses is they are quite willing to do what you ask. But what if the horse won’t cross water?

If he crossed before but won’t now, you gotta ask yourself why. One time a friend of mine and I rode the Rainbow Trail in Colorado. His horse wouldn’t cross a stream. He was puzzled because his horse has almost never refused.

But I pointed out that the creek was gushing water and making a lot of noise. And since horse’s rely on their hearing for predators, the noise was simply triggering the flight response. His horse wasn’t arguing at all. He was scared. When horse is scared, they can’t think straight.

To get the horse to cross the stream with this knowledge in mind causes one to have more understanding and compassion. Metaphorically, the horse simply needs his hand held.

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