Horse Training – Horse Training Quiz For Horse Owners

I thought I’d try something a little different for today – a horse training quiz. Test your horse trainer knowledge about horses. I’m going to ask you a “Horse” question and you see if you can guess the answer. I’m going to ask you this simple question. Then, at the end of the this little quiz, I’ll post the answer.

So let’s see how you do.


A horse gladly sees and desires to approach an object or person that caused him ___________.

Answer: Pleasure

Did you get it right? If not, maybe you should bone up on more horse information.

Here is question number two.

Let’s say you’re riding on the trail and your horse starts to slow down just a little. Then his head comes up and you hear his tail swish. What could this mean, if anything?

If you have had experience with horses you would know that these body movements are symptoms of a horse that may be about to spook. (When I say spook, I mean the horse is about to get scared and could buck, rear, or take off running out of control with you on him).

You see, when a horse spooks his body does certain things that indicate he’s scared. When a horse’s head comes up, it is a flight response. This means he’s scared, looking for what that “scary” noise is and where it’s coming from so he can escape it.

The tail swish is simply another indicator the horse is not relaxed. Depending on the situation, a tail swish can mean lots of things such as agitation, frustration, anger, and more. In this case, it’s an extra warning signal that the horse is entering spooking mode.

Lastly, if your horse slows down, that’s yet another warning sign he’s about to spook.

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