Horse Training – How to Stop Being a Professional Horse Training Student

Lots of people want to train a horse and be a natural horsemanship trainer. There is a certain glamour to being a horse trainer.

Often, people have trouble in horse training because they are a PS when it comes to horses. What’s a PS?

It’s a Professional Student.

People can get themselves book smart and know a lot of useful (and not so useful) stuff. Pretty soon, they have an expert’s knowledge but not an expert’s experience.

Where am I going with this?

When I first started learning horse training techniques I was a voracious reader. If it had to do with horses and how to get them doing what you ask, I read it!

I soon discovered I became a professional student instead of a doer. So…I became a doer.

Everything I read…everything….didn’t matter near as much as putting out the effort and trying different stuff.

Often, things different horse pro’s suggested trying didn’t work like I understood it would. Sometimes I had to modify the process.

That’s when things REALLY began to make sense.

The more I did with horses the better I got. Plus, it was much easier to recall from memory what I learned from experience rather than books and tapes.

Don’t get me wrong. Books and tapes are absolutely essential. It’s just that you have to get out and put your knew knowledge to practice so you can internalize it.

I often tell my students to think about what I told them when I give them a horse training technique. I want them to see it in their head. Then I want them to go out and try it.

If you think about it, it’s like teaching a teenager to drive. They have to experience it to get good at it later.

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