Train Your Horse With New Tricks

There is a method called inducement, and this means to use compassion and gentleness to gain the respect of your horse. Many trainers think that if you break the horse’s spirit, they will get the animal to do whatever they want. However, this is not the case, if you break a horse’s spirit the animal will fear all people the horse contacts.

Horses are like pets in a since, they choose who they want to bond with, and you need to be gentle to them. Spend time with your horse; try to walk up to him or her when they are lying down at night. Assure them that everything is OK and you just want to be there for them.

Now the first few times, you will not even be able to get in the pin with them without them getting up. Therefore, you need to continue trying to get as close to your horse as you possible can, when you are right next to the animal just pet your horse and talk to them.

I know this may seem crazy at first, but eventually you will be able to lie down in the hay with your horse. The next morning, you need to start training your horse. You are going to want to start out by saddling your horse, start with the blanket this can be, bought at a pet store.

Let your horse smell of the blanket, then rub it gentle on the animal’s side for a moment. If your horse tries to move away simply, repeat this several times, before the animal is not afraid of the blanket any longer. The same will have to be, done when placing the saddle on your horses back.

Therefore, let your horse graze around the saddle for a couple of days, before you place it on their back. After you, saddled the animal do not try to ride the horse just yet. Take the longest lead rope you have and start to lunge him or her around a pole for a while.

This will give the animal a feel of the saddle, and tire the horse out so that he or she will not be able to throw you when you climb up in the saddle. Start out by putting one foot either your left or right foot in the stirrup, if the horse moves away. Keep one foot on the ground, or simply stand up in the one stirrup. At this point, do not try to mount him or her because the horse may still throw you.

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