Why Slacking Off is Good Horse Training

How often do you see a rider constantly tugging or pulling at their horse. This is like a nagging boss at work who is never happy with what you do.

Like most nagging with humans, the same problems exist with horses, the more you nag the less likely you are to willingly get what you want. There is always some resistance and at times there is even a fight. It is the same with training your horse. In fact one of the most important aspects of training your horse is to allow them ‘free rein’ or to reward them with ‘slack’.

There’s a natural tendency to pull, and this tendency is even greater when the rider is having trouble. It’s a very human attribute to pull more to get your point across. It’s like yelling at someone out of frustration when they’re understanding what you’re trying to teach them. And there in lies the problem, it’s a human thing not a horse thing to pull or yell. In working with horses it is essential to learn what works for horses and what doesn’t.

There are lots of human things that work good with horses and there are many that backfire so bad you can ruin horse. The only way to tell the difference is to learn the difference by working with them.

Learn to give your horse some slack and get out of their way, stop the nagging and see how much better you and your horse can achieve things.

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