Animals Need Welfare Too

Animals in general, are really a man’s best friends. They play an important part of the ecosystem. Not to mention they are also man’s source of food. Actually there are a lot of things that humans benefit from animals more than food. The World Wildlife Fund reports that plants including animals play a factor to the cleanliness of air and water as well as playing a part in contributing to soil quality and climate regulation. They are essential in ecological balance and overall condition of the environment. Up until now animals are still a source of transportation for a lot of countries particularly third world countries. In short they keep the world going.

Right now there are a lot of animal species that are disappearing and becoming extinct. There is a great significance in preserving endangered species. We should support any efforts to maintain ecological balance. For instance when a certain species of humpback whales began to disappear in a specific sea section, certain types of fish whose humpback whales prey on, started to overpopulate the area. This resulted in a chain reaction of environmental damage. Clearly when there is imbalance in the ecosystem, everything is affected.

There are a lot of ways to help in protecting not just the rare species of animal but every single species in general. One is by becoming a vegetarian. Supporting non-profit organizations that protect animal rights like PETA (People for Ethical Treatment for Animals) and PAL (People for Animal Liberation).

There are also a lot of charities that support animal’s welfare. You can donate money, old used furnitures, food and other helpful items, and even cars. Yes cars. Whether it be a used old car or old cars that doesn’t run anymore. There are charities online that accepts old used vehicles. Some have car donation program that accepts and even tows used cars.

Supporting animal’s rights is a responsibility that we all should do. Not just for our sake, but for the sake of future generations to come.

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