How to Care for Your Pet Gecko?

Have a pet gecko at your home or wish to have one but don’t know how to take care of your pet gecko? Don’t worry too much, this blog will guide you about the same.

First things first, Geckos are very amiable creatures and they tend to be obedient and easy to tame. Most importantly, taking care of geckos is pretty simple. They are known as the most well-liked reptiles to be kept as a pet, especially for beginners. So, take it easy, you can pet a gecko easily. To know more about the ways by which you can take care of them, keep reading below.

Ways By Which You Can Take Care Of Gecko

1.Gecko Housing

The shape and size of the gecko’s home must be determined by the type of species you are bringing home. Because some of the geckos are ground-dwelling or terrestrial whereas some are climbers or arboreal.

The medium and standard size or the enclosure of a gecko is 30cm×30cm×30cm. Nonetheless, if you want to house two to three adult geckos then an enclosure of 60cm×45cm×45cm is suitable.

Moreover, the geckos in the hatchling state should be kept in the tinier enclosures for the starting six months. The enclosure must have enough ventilation and a lockable and secure door.

The enclosure of the gecko can be furnished with artificial plants, rock or timber ornaments, or a tiny bowl of water. In addition to this, an absorbent is also necessary like coconut fibre or reptile safe sand of the desert.

2.Gecko Care

Geckos need a very specific kind of care, if they don’t get such care then they feel prisoned.

Offering sufficient temperature gradients in the enclosure of a gecko is very important for their well-being and health. Most of the geckos need a temperature between 28°C to 32°C and a cool down temperature of 18°C to 24° C.

Moreover, most geckos can’t bear the high temperatures, that’s why their enclosure should be balanced using a high-quality thermostat. Also, the temperature should be checked routinely. The heat can be provided through halogen, low voltage incandescent, or ceramic globes. Purple or infrared globes are perfect for nocturnal use.

Besides, the skin of geckos is delicate, so proper care should be taken while handling them or removing them from their homes. Other than this, they need humidity, so the enclosure must be well misted using water.

3.Gecko Feeding

Geckos are generally insectivorous who consume invertebrates. So, they can be given various commercially available insects like woodies, mealworms, silkworms, and crickets. The properly sized insects should be given to geckos so that they can digest them easily.

Generally, the size of the worm should not be bigger than the space between the functional eyes of lizards. Moreover, the hatchling geckos must be offered food regularly and adults and juveniles should be given food 3 to 4 times every week.

To talk about time, food should be given late in the evening or afternoon because this is the time when geckos are most active. Along with this, multivitamin supplements and powdered calcium must be dusted on the insects one to two times a week. Most importantly, water should be changed daily.

So, that was all about the way you can take care of geckos. What are you waiting for? Fulfil your wish and pet a gecko now!

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