Is A Raw Food Diet Healthy For Your Pet?

Perhaps at the beginning of time, dogs and cats were fed the leftovers of uncooked dinosaur meat caught by cavemen. However, today’s felines and canines are very often bred or cross-bred from many species that didn’t exist until fairly recently. This factor plays a role in whether or not your pet should be fed a diet of raw food regularly. A number of cats may not mind a bit of leftover Sushi once in a while, just as a dog may not mind a little uncooked beef.

The issue with a raw food diet for animals is similar to the issues that come up for people: the raw food needs to be 100% free of any toxins that can easily be ingested and cause a variety of serious maladies or sicknesses in pets. Most pets are not notoriously vegetarian. Your cat may have a stomach ache occasionally and go hunting for a natural bit of grass or a dog may resort to a few blades of grass as a cathartic for a feeling of nausea. However, the main issue in whether raw food diets for animals are beneficial lies in the type of animal one owns. Rabbits, ducks and chickens love raw greens. Certain tropical birds are particular about this.

Animals are mystifying creatures with a highly-defined instinct for their breed. While a lot of cooked or dry foods for dogs and cats may offer the expected proteins they need in adequate proportions, cooking temperatures may not always be even enough for secure consumption. If raw foods are completely clean and free of toxins, your pet can be weaned from cooked or dry foods to a raw food diet that is wholesome and harmless. Ultimately though, your discerning pet with the gourmet taste will be the final critic.

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