Pets That Use Pet Steps Are Happier and Healthier

What do you do when your dog is too small to jump onto the bed or your cat is too old to jump on its favorite chair? The answer is simple, you can give your cat or dog pet steps to use for those hard to reach places. Many pets need a small set of stairs to access the couch or the car independently. Owners should provide dog or cat steps to give their pet more freedom and avoid always picking up their pet. This can put a strain on the owner’s back and potentially hurt the pet as well. Cats and dogs can both enjoy the benefits of steps.

People most commonly use pet steps directly under their car door to allow their cat or dog to climb into the car for trips to the veterinarian, the mall, or to the grocery store. Pets love to go with their owners on various errands but not all of them can enter and exit the car with ease. Without steps your pet may have trouble getting in and out because of the height of the car. Pet steps allow easy, safe entrance into the back or front seat of the car without any lifting or jumping involved.

Pet steps can also be useful in the house. Animals love to cuddle with their owners on all of the most comfortable places like the bed or recliner. Yet some dogs and cats stay on the floor because they cannot reach without help. Small and large pets equally enjoy using pet steps rather than jumping or being picked up. Large pets that are too heavy to be lifted especially benefit from steps to get on and off furniture. Allowing easier mobility around the house will improve your relationship with your pet because it will allow you to do more activities together without the burden of picking up and setting down your pet.

Beyond improving mobility, pet steps are a great way to train your pet either for professional shows or to enhance household behavior. Steps are great to use for teaching commands and tricks. Not only will your pet’s mental capacity expand, they will also get a great cardio and muscle workout using the steps. Such exercises can improve your pet’s strength, joint function, and overall health.

Pets need to have their own way to access our spaces, especially high surfaces, because they are such a significant part of people’s lives. Without pet steps a dog may not enjoy a family vacation because of the stress of entering and exiting the car. Or your cat may not come keep your feet warm at night because it couldn’t jump high enough to reach the bed. Pet steps improve the life of your pet by providing independence, confidence, and numerous health benefits. Place steps in front of any high surface in your house or outside that you want your pet to have access to and you will save you and your pet energy.

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